About Us

The rationale for studying geohazards centres on developing decision-support or risk-management systems aimed at assessing the impact of geohazards to inform policymakers in terms of prevention, mitigation and adaptation. The impacts of geological hazards are frequently severe with little reaction time. How we respond to a geological hazard occurrence will depend on our ability to understand and predict potential hazardous events using appropriate technologies.

Project aims

The project aims to identify potential geological hazards affecting South Africa as well as those areas with a high probability of being affected by geological hazards. Following the identification of potentially affected areas, a greater understanding of the hazard in question will be achieved by designing and testing remote sensing techniques and methodologies to study the geological hazards in question. This will include the development of monitoring approaches, the search for precursors to events and in cases, developing techniques to achieve a better understanding of the mechanisms of the hazard in question.